14 Reasons E-mail makes us Angry >:-/

Jun 18, 2013 -- 6:52am

According to a new survey, email is the method of work communication that makes people the angriest.  Two out of three employees say they’ve had an email accidentally make people angry or confused.

6 reasons we hate sending email

(Photo uploaded by bruno-free via SXC.hu)

(Photo uploaded by bruno-free via SXC.hu)

1.  People don’t reply

2.  People misinterpret the message

3.  Replies take too long

4.  Replies are too short or careless

5.  People argue or ask for more details in their reply

6.  People play “grammar police” and correct mistakes

8 reasons we hate receiving email

(Nicholas Kamm /AFP/Getty Images)

(Nicholas Kamm /AFP/Getty Images)

1.  Too many reply-all messages

2.  The messages are confusing or vague

3.  There’s SO MUCH of it

4.  The messages are too long

5.  They contain stuff that’s not related to work

6.  People use bad grammar

7.  People are rude and passive aggressive

8.  The messages have no personality


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