What do your Shoes say about your personality?

Jun 26, 2013 -- 10:42am

What do your shoes say about your personality?

We all have that pair of shoes that we just LOVE so much because they say something about us. Though for some people that doesn't mean a bright, flashy colorful pair—in fact, it's just the opposite.

Your choice in shoes, whether you go for the high heels day and night or are the flip flops and comfort kind of girl, can say a lot about your personality. Plus, according to a new study, strangers can actually correctly judge your personal characteristics JUST by looking at your shoes! In fact, people can guess 90% of your personality based on the shoes you're wearing. Crazy, isn't it?

Well, to explain the findings, we've put together photos of 9 shoes that reveal some aspect of your personality. Click Here for Pictures and Descriptions!

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