No need for parachute pants - You CAN touch this!

Jul 08, 2013 -- 5:52pm

You CAN touch thisKnown as the golden rule in any gentlemen's club  - "Don't Touch!"  - that is unless you're Nicki Minaj, which stipulates you touch her, but only if you get the same treatment! She was seen grinding with fellow dancers on stage as she partied with rappers Meek Mill and Maino at the Perfection Gentlemens Club in Queens. And yes that is a picture of Nicki letting the dancers get a feel of her ample assests! But when in Rome right? or is Roman? (Yeah, I went for that pun) Regardless when it comes to strip clubs, women almost get a free pass, because let's be honest - they'd much rather have an girl up on them than some sweaty balding guy - which brings me to another topic...calling them gentlemen's clubs in the first place - I mean when was the last time have you ever been in one and been like "Why look at all these classy guys!" It's a strip club, plain and simple. Try and class the name up but the same weirdo's always make their appearance.  In this case it was Nicki Minaj, who I'm sure the dancers appreciated making it rain! Gotta give it to Minaj she's not pretending she even tweeted "I love bad b*tches dats my f**kin problem" - not the worst problem to have!


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