Just another drop in the bucket...

Jul 10, 2013 -- 5:42pm

Justin Bieber and his bucketThere was a time when a small canadian boy captured the hearts of millions of equally young girls and creepy strange old women. But thankfully, those days are done, and those women are still creepy - Justin Bieber was drunk. Yeah, he's 19 and stupid but don't mix the two man! After leaving a club with his "wild boyz" a 3 second search for a bathroom turns into a video of Biebs urinating in a mop bucket.

Seriously? That seemed smart to you? Just looking at his pants - a piss stain would have been an improvement. I'll admit at one point I was hoping he'd see the error of his ways, realize you can't be a stupid kid while millions are watching (or your friend is filming) and still have everything. Just looking at the posts on the TMZ site where the first video was posted leaves me in astonishment, there are still belieber's out there defending him.

Is pissing in a bucket really the end of the world? No, but that's the point - just because you're rich and famous does not mean you can literally do whatever you want. Now, he could have paid off the guy who has to clean that. (Not sure why but a grand to do it seems to make it more bearable.) At least it shows some type of remorse. In his case I think his redemption, if there is one, will have to wait. Justin is far too strung up on himself and the liberties wealth provides, that'd be like Warren Buffet deciding to piss ON Biebs.

I mean the relative wealth difference should mean it's golden shower time if he was so much as half-inclined. But not all hope is lost...well at least for the public, Anthony Bourdain of CNN fame and the travel channel lashed out telling his followers of opinion of the bieb's I've saved you a few choice quotes here..."The chef should have put his foot up this young punk’s ass." and then "Looking forward to seeing him open for Menudo at the State Fair— in about ten years." Well, can't say I blame Anthony. Lay off the sauce biebs...it's making you think you're cooler than you are.

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