Adventure Time!

Jul 11, 2013 -- 5:48pm

Sheen and NessieKnown for his tiger's blood and warlock powers - Charlie Sheen decided to go on an excursion only his someone with one gear could pull off  - Find Nessie the Lockness Monster! With a few friends making up his rag-tag crew of crack explorers aka - ex-baseball star Todd Zeile and longtime stand-in Brian Pekk. Not to mention as SUPER sweet conquistador helment!

Sheen and his adventurous comrades took off to the famous lake to find the prehistoric legend, on impulse aboard his private jet, before reaching the land of the Scot's - So, obviously this adventure is going to require a plethora of scientific gadgets like say...a helmet, and a bottle of scotch? Wait - WHAT?! As you can guess this epic Adventure turned out to be a bust - No Lochness, but I'm sure the guys had a good time and none were cited with a (BUI) (Not even sure they HAVE those in Scotland) all in all this goes to show you what a crazy idea and the money to pull it off can really do, oh and some tiger's blood doesn't hurt.   

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