JT "Take Back The Night" Premier!

Jul 12, 2013 -- 10:50am

Justin Timberlake premiered today (July 12) his brand new single "Take Back The Night", produced by hitmaker Timbaland. The groovy, funky track - a bit reminiscent of Michael Jackson - is the first official offering from JT's upcoming sequel to his platinum-selling March 15-released third studio album "The 20/20 Experience". I wonder if JT will consider "The 20/20 Experience PT. 2" (in stores on September 30), a complete new album?. (It'd be his fourth). Word has it "PT 2" will feature a tracklisting of ten totally original songs. That kind of constitutes 'new album'! Right?.

In any case, the new album, sequel or whatever-you-wanna-call-it's first single "Take Back The Night" is a beast of a track and no doubt it will rule over radios and charts across the planet. It's club-ready, it's smooth, it's groovy, it's funky, it's soul, it's everything, and it slays! Timbaland, again, delivers an awesome retro production for Justin to add his smooth singing and crooner swag. "Take Back The Night" goes for pop adds next week.

Hit or Miss?


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