Hey! I just pitched to you - and it was crazy...

Jul 15, 2013 -- 6:03pm

Carly Rae Jepsen foul ballAh, the American pass-time - Baseball, and who better to throw the first pitch for the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday? A Canadian pop singer! Carly's infamous pitch has now been made viral because of the sheer epic fail, her wind-up wasn't bad, but all in all she still throws like a girl, which for all intesive purposes - is completely okay! Though she's not a first-timer to the inagural pitch at a game, her last stand at the mound she threw a strike! So, let's just chuck this flub up to a bad game - shake it off champ - shake it off.

She was a good sport about the entire ordeal only gasping at her own failure before sending her hands up in defeat, and she joins a long line of celeb's who have shanked the pitch. (Now, I'm mixing sports metaphors) let's just say - unlike the guy in her song...there's very little chance she'll get that call back for the majors anytime soon.

AND you are out!

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