Eastbound and D-OWW!

Jul 16, 2013 -- 5:35pm

Danny McBride roller skating accidentKenny Powers former major leaguer, aka Daniel McBride - was recently rushed to the hospital while shooting for his show Eastbound and Down. If this incident is anything like his character in the series-  over the top macho styling (mullet included) has landed him much like in the show - square on his ass! The culprit? A pair of roller skates - At first the injury was deemed to cause McBride enough pain that producers shuttled him off to a nearby hospital. - but doctors later ok'ed the actor with no serious injuries to leave.

So, just like in the show too, McBrides injury was little more than bruised ego/postierior - still makes me wonder if this scene had anything of the usual Kenny Powers fanfare - Fireworks? Rocketskates? Hell, even a jet ski for no reason! As Danny put himself "I busted my ass on roller skates. The roller skates won."

Damn right they did! Now - get back to filming! I'm eagerly awaiting the next season!



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