Lea Michele is Calling All the Shots at "Glee", Too

Jul 22, 2013 -- 7:07am


We heard last week that LEA MICHELE was calling all the shots in handling CORY MONTEITH'S funeral arrangements.  Well, it turns out that she's calling all the shots at "Glee", too.

Creator RYAN MURPHY says the show will return for its 5th season on September 26th, but only for three episodes.  The first two have been in the works for years, and are already written.

The third episode will deal with the death of Cory's character . . . and then the show will go on, quote, "extended hiatus."

But none of this would be happening if Lea didn't give the go-ahead.  Murphy says, quote, "She's handled this with so much humanity and grace and she's also handled this in a way where she's trying to look out for 500 other people affected by him and who have mortgages to pay and families to feed."

He adds, quote, "She felt that the best thing for the cast and crew was to be together and to get back to work and be together every day and talk about our memories of [Cory] . . . I've never met any 26-year-old person stronger than Lea."

(You can read the whole interview here.)


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