The Naked Cow-"Boy?" minus the boots (NSFW-sorta)

Aug 12, 2013 -- 5:08pm

Yeah if you hadn't seen it yet, Belieber's all over the world got a good shot of Justin with nothing more than a guitar covering his front side as pics surfaced from TMZ.

As the story goes this was not another outburst of dereliction- it was a joke at his Grandma's house over the holidays that apparently involved JB donning nothing more than a 6 string and a pair of vocal chords as he serenaded his Grandma - Though, I'm not sure if he was trying to give her a heart attack, but it said the family was in good spirits after the prank, from which the shots have surfaced with his G-ma simply telling him to go put on pants. (Now if only she could get him to keep his shirt and regular pants pulled up, we'd be in business.)

Now the only question that he strumming a "D"? (Yeah, I went there.)


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