DJ Hope
Saturdays 1pm - 4pm
Sundays 12p-4pm

Family and Friends are everything Love Them Always


Location: Currently in Eagle Point, Born & Raised here in Medford 

About Me: I’m DJ HOPE on air and in the Club. I also work full time as an advertising executive for Bicoastal Media representing Five Fabulous Radio Station KISS, KOOL, KZZE, KRWQ & KMED. I own a Mobile DJ Entertainment company Pure Sound Entertainment specializing in weddings. I started my DJ career over 9 years ago. I took residence in some great bars: Time Out Sports Bar (when it was in the WINCO shopping center) The Break Room, Highwaters and Club Oxygen. I now guest DJ at THE VAULT in Grants Pass and SKY BAR in Downtown Medford, featuring some of Southern Oregon's best DJ's... I have two beautiful little boys, Tyler & Owen. 

I believe in: Love those who are close. Laugh as much as possible. Dance like no body is watching.

I'm all about : ROLLER COASTERS! The only drug I will ever need. Free Falling is the unltimate Rush!

I live for : My Family

Music If I got stuck somewhere for a long period of time: You Name It as long as I can dance to it... I can even handle Polka

Movies: I really like them all. Adam Sandler is the Best, I love The Wedding Singer & Happy Gilmore. But I can also watch a great classic horror film like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street.

TV: DVR Baby, I record & watch everything. Desparate Housewives, Grey’s, CSI, Chuck (which is the most intelligent funny show ever), So You Think You Can Dance, Heros, I love it all.

Books : I am in love with the Twilight Series. Can’t wait for the movie. I have also read a lot of Anne Rice, Janet Fitch, Stephen King & I love Sales Motivating Books as well (yeah I’m a weird one)

Likes : I like so many things. I enjoy the people I work with. Radio is a blast. I like friendly people, and of course people who can make me laugh.

Dislikes : Rotten Food & Old Creamer in a Coffee Cup.

Hero's : My Dad. He taught me so many good things in life. I take his memory with me every day.  

If you want to know anymore about me you can e-mail me anytime

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