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"I'm the hottest big girl I know!"

541 fo sho

About Me:

I'm single, but not for long cuz I'm engaged to the sexiest Chocolate Superman, Amaury, (A-Maui) that I met at a friends BBQ a few summers ago! I also am a student at a beauty school...and I'm proud to say I haven't melted anyone's hair off yet! But I have cut a few sweet ass mullets. Let me know if you want one...we can make it happen baby! I've seen plenty in the Medford area :) I'm also really into fashion and finding the best deal around...especially the clearence rack at Target!

I believe in: Women wearing short hair (It's okay to rock it short, men find it sexy too), plus size trendy fashion ( No, we don't want to wear overalls with Tweety bird  or Winnie the Pooh coming out the pockets come on now), Men buying women drinks and opening doors ( This is NOT old school)

I'm all about Fashion, Cosmos, My Boo, Music, and getting my party on with Gemineye!

I live for : My boo and family and My job (entertaining the masses)

Music: John Legend, Neyo, Coldplay, Britney Spears, Kanye, and John Legend (That's my baby daddy, don't tell my man)
If I got stuck somewhere for a long period of time:  I wish it would be during the entire summer in somewhere tropical with endless dranks and my ipod.

Movies: Cheesy Romantic Comedy's like: Never Been Kissed, Love and Basketball, Can't Buy me love ( The orginal)

TV: True Blood (scary ish), Oprah,  Sex and the City Re-runs , and Bridezilla

Books : I haven't read in a hot min. I really should start again.

Likes : Gossip magazines and blog sites, clearence racks ( in the back of the store), yoga, McDonald Red Boxes ($1 DVD rentals), Lipgloss ( MAC C-thru), Coach bags ( even though I don't own one anymore) Road trips, new bra's and white t's, cuddling with my man, homemade cookies, top shelf drinks, summer, VIP lists, when my cell phone rings, John Legend ( see MUSIC), DEF JAM comedy, 0 balance on my credit cards, sleeping in, bubble baths, free shipping on internet orders, chicken burritos with cilantro, inside jokes, My space, presents, and lots of other things....

Dislikes : Gas Prices, ignorant people, my neighbors, waking up early, cold showers ( not hot water left), bad news, braggers, and a few other things..