Raines (Michael)

Rocking the Airwaves:

Mon - Thurs 7pm - Midnight

Fri: 7pm - 9pm

Sat: Midnight - 5am

Sun: 1am - 6am




Traditional Bio info for you:

 Location: Currently in living in Medford, although I'm from Alaska(mostly!) Being a Military Brat I've been all over the continental US.

About Me: I'm me, that's pretty much an explanation in itself. Some people think Outside the Box, I live there. I like to do things on impulse, and the grander of an idea it is, the better! I don't like to live small; it's go BIG or go home! I prefer to be ridiculously energized and spastic than worry about life's little things.

I Believe: Never give in to Fear, things can be terrifying, and it might seem like nothing you do goes right, but if you keep fighting, you will succeed.  I also believe my niece Ella, is the cutest person on the planet!

I'm all about: Staying in the lime-light, Living for the moment, Taking risks, but never forgetting who was there to stand by you when you needed help or guidance.

I live for: Adrenaline rushes, my family, and my own personal drive to succeed against all odds!

Music: I'm currently diggin' LMFAO, Maroon Five's ridiculously catchy beats, the Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk and some old school, Tu-Pac, Dre, Run DMC. I double as a rock enthusiast with Seether, Sick Puppies, Theory of a Deadman, and Nickelback (First three albums, not the newer stuff.)

Movies: I'm a huge movie buff, however if I gave my full list it'd be far too long for anyone one person to read. Top Favorites: Gone in 60 Seconds, The Dark Knight, Wall Street 1 & 2, Grandma's Boy, Step-Brothers, Talladega Nights, Anchorman and the first and original Pirates of the Caribbean, and a ton of indie favorites!

Television: Sparatcus: Blood and Sand/Gods of the Arena. The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, and the Tudors!

Books: Pretty much anything written by R.A.Salvatore, any Tom Clancy books, and once in a while I rummage through a used book store for a new novel.

Likes: Concerts, Distance Running Weight Lifting, MMA/Boxing, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, PIZZA! Anyone who can present themselves as a unique individual, 2010-On Camaro's (My Dream Car) the Stock Market, and Bungee Jumping and of course my Niece, Ella.

Dislikes: Judgmental people, NOT owning a 2010-On Camaro, my Stocks not doing well, current Politics, people unwilling to let their hair down and have some fun! I also won't eat Celery uncooked or put Ranch on anything.






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